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The Ento Podcast

The Ento Podcast is a news and interview show with Ross Bell discussing Entomophagy, food, insects as feed and all things edible insect. Hosted by Ross Bell

Sep 29, 2017

Today on The Ento Podcast we discuss the following news stories.

Join Me Today As We Go Through This Weeks News Stories…
•  At the PNE: Crunchy cricket burgers clicking with fairgoers 
•  Entocycle uses larvae to fuel a more sustainable food chain
•  This Giant Automated Cricket Farm Is Designed To Make Bugs A Mainstream Source Of Protein
•  Would you eat a burger made from insects?


Resources for today’s show…
•   NZ Herald
•   fastcompany
•   tech crunch
•   vancouver sun
•    Gephardt Daily
•    Okja
•    Entocycle

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•    Kric8
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