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The Ento Podcast

The Ento Podcast is a news and interview show with Ross Bell discussing Entomophagy, food, insects as feed and all things edible insect. Hosted by Ross Bell

Jan 1, 2019

Today on The Ento Podcast we have another Bio Show; this time on Robyn Shapiro

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Todays show is not a usual show as they will start again in the new year, but more of a bio show where we look at at someone leading the way in the Ento world.

But before we do that I just want to say hi to some of the latest followers, really think I should have started this when I stared the show back in 2017 but the show is now listed to in too many countries and by too many people for me to start but leave me a comment for todays show at the Ento  and you could get a shout out on the next one.

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Ok, as I said earlier todays show is going to be a Bio show and we will be looking at Robyn Shapiro

Robyn Shapiro

Her first entry into the business was at the ripe age of 15 when she froze fruit in the middle of the hot Summer and corralled her friends to join her to sell it in Boston's Harvard Square.  Years later, motivated by a broken system around Westerners' increasing and unsustainable desire for meat, Robyn was convinced that crickets provided a fresh solution as they provide comparable amounts of protein, but with far less of an impact on our environment and animals' lives. What began as a series of dinners  with friends at her home, evolved into Seek, allowing people from all around the world to join the movement in eating cricket protein.

She has also worked as a a rooftop farmer at Eagle Street, the nation’s first commercial green roof farm, and served as the Deputy Director at the Lowline, a solar illuminated future underground park with plants and vegetables.


For those of us who have been around for a while and remember the Terreform porcupine modular cricket farm Robyn was also involved in that. For those who have no idea what I am on about I will have a link in the show notes but it was a modular cricket farm that appeared on a Dockside in New York and had these spikes along the top that helps the air flow, it was really funky and would have been worthy of a Mad Max or Bad Runner film if it wasn’t white.

Anyway back to Seek Foods who among their advisors and founders are Gary Vaynerchuk and David George Gordon,

Seek Foods

are members of 1% For The Planet, where they give 1% of all proceeds to food-focused non-profits close to their heart including: 

Edible Schoolyard NYC

Farms to Orphans

and our good friends

Little Herds

Seek foods have a new cook book where they have Delicious Cricket Flour Recipes from Respected Chefs to Help You Embrace the Next Wave of Food Sustainability. 

Before we go on long time listeners will know that I hate people saying cricket flour but this is one of the reasons why. A few years ago everyone who sold cricket powder called it cricket flour, myself included but the you get a lot of customer questions when it doesn’t act like flour so across the board everyone stopped calling it flour and started referring to it as powder.

Anyway, back to the cookbook. As well as doing a cricket protein powder Seek foods also have a all purpose cricket flour which is a mixture of all purpose flour and crickets

So Robyn and the guys and gals at Seek Foods talked to a range of award winning chefs and bakers. The cookbook provides an intriguing look into the nutritional and sustainability benefits of crickets, paired with the unique perspectives from the culinary professionals responsible for making the future just a little more delicious.

Also in their range is:

Gluten free cricket flour,(a mixture of  brown and white rice flour, potato starch, cricket powder, tapioca and sorghum flour.

Paleo cricket flour (a mixture of arrowroot flour, almond flour, coconut flour, tapioca flour and cricket powder)

Cricket Granola, Snack Bites

I will be releasing a review of the Seek Cook book in 2019 but that’s it for today’s show.

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But that’s it for today so this is Ross saying Ta-ra for now.

Seek Foods



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