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The Ento Podcast

The Ento Podcast is a news and interview show with Ross Bell discussing Entomophagy, food, insects as feed and all things edible insect. Hosted by Ross Bell

Apr 18, 2019

Today on The Ento Podcast we have another a review of this month's Insects as food and feed conference

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The Insects as food and feed conference

This was a two day Conference on Insects as Food and Feed, Special Interest Group and was held by the Royal Entomological Society on April 2-3, 2019 at the Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England.

It brought together UK producers and users of insect-based products both as animal feed and as a novel protein source in human diets, where we had the opportunity to discuss the progress that has been made over the last year and exchange ideas.

Day one focused on insects as food, and day two examined insects as animal feed. Both days begin with a case study followed by three short presentations that outline developments and challenges in that sector.

Day One

Case Study 1 - Andy Holcroft from Grub Kitchen.    Grub Kitchen is based on the award-winning visitor attraction, academic centre of excellence, and working farm- The Bug Farm

Case Study 2 - "Fantastic (mini) beasts & how not to kill them" - Gary Needham from Syngenta

Case Study 3 - "Technological enhancements for insect breeding" - Roko Bosnjak from Entocycle

Day Two

Case Study 1 - "Multibox & the wider industry" - Paul Wright from Multibox

Case Study 2 - "Antimicrobial peptides in insect farming"  - Chris Leonard & Tristan Cogan from IMBT

Case Study 3 - "Histology in insects" - Benjamin Kennedy - Veterinary Surgeon


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